Paaltu Pressed Dog Bone 3 inch(6 pieces)

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  • These bones are high on protein and occasional on fats.
  • Puppies want to make stronger their teeth and gums, and biting on chew bones is an amazing workout to try this.
  • Chewing on rawhide bones, dry treats, rolls or twists enables preserve plaque away and reduces the acidity within the dog’s mouth which can motive gingivitis.
  • These are a natural way to meet your puppies instinctive urge to chunk
  • These are high exceptional sticks that offer hours of fun and amusement for your canine

Description of Paaltu Pressed Dog Bone 3 inch(6 pieces)

1)natural and incorporates no harmful chemical compounds 2)canine pleasing rawhide bones that are 100% safe to eat 3)promotes wholesome teeth and gums assists to reduce tartar and plaque……… offers a taste that dogs love and is also proper to your dog’s tooth. breaks apart without problems, best for light to mild establishments exquisite rawhide chews are durable treats that provide hours of amusing and entertainment on your dog. they’re a herbal manner to fulfill your canine’s instinctive urge to chunk, That could reduce adverse conduct- something puppy dad and mom can certainly admire! these rawhide sticks help lessen tartar that’s tremendous on your canine’s enamel and gums! so provide your dog the tasty treat he merits, and he’ll thank you in go back!

Rawhide bone affords superb exercise to your dog because it acts as a tremendous opportunity to the dog herbal chewing habits. appropriate for big dogs, like saint bernard rottweilers and the likes. ordinary chewing ensures that your dog stays glad and unanxious throughout the day. besides psychological blessings chewing rawhide bones provides supplemental to your puppies protein and calcium consumption necessities.

Dog Bone 3 inch is a wholesome treat to your canine pet owners who are continually searching out new treats to preserve their doggies engaged. chewing treats can not simplest be used for powerful training but also to provide hours of stimulation for your puppy. moreover, they relieve pressure, the tension in addition to the incidence of plaque and tartar in puppies. this lovely twist and treat toy are good for all breeds of dogs. the product is harmless and promotes high-quality playtime in puppies. as a protection precaution, we urge pet proprietors to now not leaveTheir unsupervised whilst chewing to minimize the possibilities of choking or gagging.

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