Pedigree PRO Expert Nutrition Active Adult Large Breed Dogs (18 Months Onwards) 20kg Dry Dog Food


  1. Professional dog food for particularly active huge breed person puppies
  2. Proteins and omega fatty acids offer alertness and agility to grownup dogs
  3. Herbal antioxidants & satisfactory proteins provide wholesome muscle mass
  4. Prebiotics (mos) assist sell digestive health in dogs
  5. Ideal for puppies from 18 months onwards
  6. Appropriate for a golden retriever, german Shephard, labrador, Dobermann & st.bernard
  7. Includes min. 28% protein, min. 15% fats, max. five% crude fibre & max. 10% moisture
  8. Formulated via studies finished by way of the Waltham center for pet vitamins

Description of Pedigree PRO Expert Nutrition Active Adult Large Breed Dogs (18 Months Onwards) 20kg Dry Dog Food

Different dog breeds have special dietary desires, relying on their size and respective weight. energetic grownup dog breeds along with golden retriever, german shepherd, labrador, Dobermann & st.bernard grow quicker and require power to stay lively all day long. Pedigree PRO Expert Nutrition Active Adult Large Breed Dogs (18 Months Onwards) 20kg contain proteins and omega fatty acids for alertness and agility, herbal antioxidants & first-class proteins for wholesome muscle tissues and prebiotics (mos) to assist sell digestive fitness. the pedigree pro canine meals variety of products integrate exquisite substances with the technology advanced with nutritionists and veterinarians on the Waltham center.

How do an Active Adult Dog’s Needs Differ from those of Other Adult Dogs?

Relatively energetic breeds, operating puppies, sporting puppies, gestating & lactating dogs need extra strength to fulfill their physiological necessities. operating dogs frequently need to cope with harsh climatic situations and their schooling to takes a toll on them.



Who is it for?

Professional dog food for active adult puppies. suitable for a golden retriever, german shepherd, labrador retriever, Doberman, st. bernard and active dogs of other breeds.





Enhances Energy

Pedigree PRO Active Adult for large breeds is wealthy in omega fatty acids & proteins that enhance strength, agility & alertness.






Contains High-Quality Proteins

Carries exquisite proteins for robust muscle tissues, and herbal antioxidants that help lessen strain.






Improves Digestive Health

Prebiotics help enhances digestive fitness – all of which translates to a healthier, happier canine, for life.






Why Pedigree PRO?

Confident first-class: as one of the world’s leading puppy food manufacturers, we ensure that the best level of great and food protection requirements are continuously maintained across the food chain. our merchandise goes through pasteurization and some of the high-quality tests at some point in the manufacturing process, to make sure food protection until it reaches the purchaser. we have stringent satisfactory necessities and audit procedures aligned with enterprise first-rate practices across the supply chain, consisting of our elements andPrimary packaging providers.

Nutrition sponsored via understanding: the products on this variety combine exceptional components with the science advanced with our nutritionists and veterinarians on the Waltham center. based totally within the Uk, Waltham research center is the fundamental technology middle for mars petcare for the closing 75 years. Waltham has pioneered many essential breakthroughs within the area and leverages this information through mars petcare manufacturers. it specializes in the vitamins and wellness of dogs and their benefits to human beings for over 75 years, to make a better global for pets.

Storage Information

– When you buy Pedigree PRO dog food, make sure it is in properly sealed condition

– On opening the pack, store Pedigree PRO dog food in an air-tight container, in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight




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