Pedigree PRO Expert Nutrition Adult Dogs (+2 Years) Weight Management 3kg Dry Dog Food


  1. Professional food for weight management in adult puppies
  2. Carries min. 26% protein, min. 7.50% fats, max. five% crude fiber and max. 10% moisture
  3. Presents 20% less fat according to meal for puppies vulnerable to weight advantage
  4. L-carnitine is a meal allows in burning fat to guide a healthy lifestyles
  5. Glucosamine and omega fatty acids assist hold healthful joints
  6. Appropriate for all canine breeds from labrador, pug to dachshund and beagle
  7. Best for grownup dogs from 2 years onwards
  8. Formulated by way of research executed by way of the Waltham Centre for puppy nutrition

Description of Pedigree PRO Expert Nutrition Adult Dogs (+2 Years) Weight Management 3kg Dry Dog Food

Incorrect feeding, unbalanced weight loss program, and sedentary lifestyles can result in weight gain, worsen joint troubles and diabetes is not simply humans, but additionally their pets. Pedigree PRO Expert Nutrition Adult Dogs (+2 Years) Weight Management 3kg supply expert nutrients for weight control in puppies. These weight management dog meals are appropriate for all canine breeds especially, labrador, pug, dachshund, and beagle, which can be more at risk of weight benefit. this professional canine food offers 20% much fewer fats according to a meal, has l-carnitine that facilitates in burning fat, and glucosamine and omega fatty acids to help preserve healthy joints. pedigree pro dog food variety of merchandise combines wonderful ingredients with the technology evolved with nutritionists and veterinarians on the Waltham center.

Why do up to 40% of adult dogs tend to be over-weight?

Energy-dense home-made meals lack vitamins (unbalanced weight loss plan and wrong feeding) and can cause weight benefit. also, a sedentary way of life might also cause weight problems and aggravate joint troubles, diabetes, and so forth. over-weight dogs want unique nutrition perfect for their particular wishes.




Who is it for?

Expert dog meals for weight management of adult dogs. appropriate for all breeds, specifically small breeds, labrador, middle-aged and senior puppies, and neutered dogs.





Lesser fat content per meal

Pedigree pro for weight management of grownup dogs is a mainly formulated recipe, that contains 20% much fewer fats per meal.






Helps burn fat

It contains L-Carnitine, which helps in burning fat to lead a healthy life.






Stronger and healthier joints

It contains Glucosamine and Omega Fatty Acids for healthy and strong joints.






• Assured Quality: as one of the world’s main puppy food manufacturers, we make certain that the best stage of exceptional and meals safety requirements are constantly maintained across the food chain. our products go through pasteurization and a number of first-rate tests at some stage in the manufacturing technique, to ensure food protection till it reaches the client. we’ve stringent high-quality requirements and audit procedures aligned with enterprise nice practices across the supply chain, which includes our elements and number one packaging suppliers.

• vitamins subsidized by way of understanding: the goods in this range combine extraordinary ingredients with the technology evolved with our nutritionists and veterinarians on the Waltham center. based within the UK, the Waltham research center is the essential technological know-how center for mars pet care for the last seventy-five years.

Storage information

• When you buy Pedigree Pro dog food, make sure it is in properly sealed condition.

• On opening the pack, store Pedigree Pro dog food in an air-tight container, in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.




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