Pedigree Puppy Wet Dog Food Chicken And Liver Chunks 15 Pouches ( 15 X 70 g )


  1. Whole & balanced dog meals for puppies
  2. Wet chunks gently cooked to maintaining vitamins
  3. Tempting aroma and flavor powerful to attract fussy eaters
  4. Helps enhance water content and decreases the threat of stones
  5. May be combined with pedigree dry dog meals or home-cooked meals
  6. See 5 symptoms of appropriate fitness in only 6 weeks – a pedigree assurance!
  7. Formulated through research carried out with the aid of the Waltham center for puppy nutrients
  8. Best for pugs, beagle to labrador, golden retriever & german shepherd

Description of Pedigree Puppy Wet Dog Food Chicken And Liver Chunks 15 Pouches (15X70g )

Pedigree Puppy Wet Dog Food Chicken And Liver Chunks 15 Pouches ( 15 X 70 g ) is a nutritious and balanced meal for your puppy dog. made with exceptional components, pedigree presents dogs the 5 symptoms of true health – healthy pores and skin and coat, sturdy bones and enamel, healthy digestive machine, strong muscle groups, and a sturdy immune machine. containing a better moisture content material, pedigree gravy food pouches are especially required for the new season as they help preserve your pooch hydrated and therefore, energetic. it is able to be blended with any meal – pedigree dryMeals or home-cooked meals – to beautify taste and enhance moisture-content. the tempting aroma and taste of wet dog meals are also effective in attracting fussy eaters into consuming their meal. the entire pedigree dog meal range is formulated by using studies carried out via the Waltham center for pet vitamins, a main medical authority in puppy nutrients and well-being for over 50 years. the whole thing we do at Pedigree is for the love of puppies because dogs deliver out the good in us and Pedigree pet food brings out the best in them.


Made with the first-class ingredient, pedigree lets your pet take pleasure in a happy mealtime, while supplying him with a whole and balanced nutritious meal.






Formulated by studies achieved by means of the Waltham center for puppy nutrition, pedigree is tested to provide a shinier coat to puppies and different symptoms of true fitness.






Pedigree gravy, made with excessive-quality ingredients, carries eight% min protein similarly to 4% min fat & 3% max fiber & 85% max moisture.





Mixed Feeding:

Make every meal a delicious feast by adding Pedigree Gravy to dry dog food or home-cooked food.

1) POUR Pedigree Dry and Gravy food in a bowl

2) MIX it thoroughly

SERVE as a relishing meal to your pet



Storage Information :

When you buy Pedigree dog food, make sure it is properly sealed

Surplus food can be refrigerated for up to 2 days.







Chicken by-products, Chicken, Wheat Gluten, Gravy, Minerals, Dietary Fiber, Soy Bean Oil, Colouring Agents, Flavour, Amino Acid, Vitamins





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